0utslayer 100 Pound Heavy Bag #301

5ft 100lbs MMA Heavy Bag + Unbeatable 10 Year Guarantee

This 5ft Made in USA MMA Punching Bag is designed for extreme workout and is durable enough for professional training and gym use.

10 Year guarantee ensures that you are getting the best deal. This is top quality, all American, heavy duty Outslayer Heavy Bag .


If Filled: 100lbs If Unfilled : 300lbs Capacity

- APX 5ft tall 14 diameter.

- Professionally crafted in USA using only American products from the thread to the material.

- The USA heavy duty vinyl used is extremely tough and holds over 300lbs.

- Professionally designed with 4 layer "No Tear" straps (see image) so NO MORE loud chains!

- 2 heavy duty Chrome covered D-rings are supported by extra padding to prevent flipping of the rings.

Color: Primary: Black, Secondary: Green


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