How To

How to choose a punching bag.

General Training
Your weight: 80lbs 110lbs 140lbs 170lbs
You Need : 60lbs P/B 80lbs P/B 100lbs P/B 150lbs P/B


Special Training
Uppercuts Elbows Knees Low Kicks
Uppercut Bag Body Bag Wrecking Ball Muay Thai 150lb
Body Bag Donut Tear Drop P/B Cone thai bag
Angle Bag Angle Bag Ultimate combination bag  
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball    
Ultimate combination bag Ultimate combination bag    

How to Fill a Punching Bag

  • Collect all scrap fabric you can find . ( Friends and family can help you in this one)
    EX: Towels, old jeans, shirts , sheets , plastic bags, cut pieces of material etc.
    *** If you cant find enough fabric , you can buy "insulation" from home depot. Its very cheap and you can get it in a big roll. Perfect for stuffing.
    *** Make sure all the zippers and sharp objects are off the fabric .
  • Mix everything you gathered together.
  • Put the stuffing in the punching bag, so about 1/6 of it would be full.
  • Put your hand inside the punching bag , and push the fabric tightly to the bottom.
  • Repeat steps 4 & 5 until the stuffing gets to the top of the punching bag.
  • Get a piece of wood (a hammer handle or a 2x4 ) and beat the fabric into the punching bag so it gets very compressed.
  • Close the punching bag zipper.

Note: Over time the filling may settle in, at that point you will need to add more filling.

Install A Speed Bag Bladder

  • Apply the glue to the cotton fabric patch on the bottom of the bladder
  • Push the bottom of the speed bag to the top opening so that you can insert the stem of the bladder through the valve opening in the speed bag.
  • Carefully insert entire bladder into the speed bag. Trim the protruding stem si it is level with speed bag.
  • Moisten inflating needle and inflate bladder 2/3 full.
  • Replace the bladder protection shield over the bladder.
  • Lace and tie the speed bag closed.

How to Wrap Hand Wraps.

Uniform Size Chart

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