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Here at Outslayer Fight Gear Our Motto is that of Mercedes Benz- "The Best or Nothing", and that reflects on everything we make and do.

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The type vinyl we use for our punching bags is a trademark secret. What we can say that the durability of it is unmatched by any other and it will not ever rip or tear under any circumstances. ( Unless purposely cut with a knife ) The feel of it is smooth, soft and flexible making it perfect for heavy bags. We use the same type of vinyl from our small 20lbs punching bags to our custom monster 500lbs heavy bags.

Hanging straps/ Chains

You prefer straps for less noise or chains? We offer both. The straps on our heavy bags are made of the same material as the punching bags, folded into 4 layers for everlasting durability. You prefer chains? No problem, the chains we use are heavy duty, specially coated and unbreakable.

Who sews our bags?

We take every step in the creation of our heavy bags very seriously, so therefore we don't just get "Joe across the street" to sew our punching bags, we hire only professional grade sewers with minimum15 years of experience in industrial sewing to sew our heavy bags, so you can be sure that every product you will purchase from Outslayer will be no less than the absolute best.

Filling of the punching bags

Our heavy bags are hand filled with fabric materials and machine compressed multiple times,by professionals. They know exactly what they are doing and how to fill the heavy bags to give them that perfect feel. Our punching bags are filled only fabric, never with sand.


We offer heavy bags in 12 solid colors and over 144 color combinations for every style. You like the punching bags in solid black? We got it. Yellow with Green? We got it. Pink with purple? Yep, we got that one also. Don't be boring, have some fun! Make you gym or school unforgettable, put some color into it!


All our heavy bags come with a warranty certificate. Some with 10 year warranty , others with lifetime warranty. We cover absolutely any damage with an exception of damage by weather (ex: rain) or sharp objects ( ex: dog bites ) , if anything happens to the heavy bag within the warranty period , email us a pic and we will send you a brand new bag.We don't just promise our bags will last - we guarantee it.


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